Do you use security cameras in the park and how do you protect our privacy?

We do have security camera’s in operation in communal areas of the park. No recordings are being made of cabins or the campground by these fixed cameras.

You will find the following locations being protected by video surveillance:

  • Camp Lounge
  • Camp Kitchen
  • Laundry
  • Camp Decking + Walkways around central facilities building
  • Playground/Trampoline area
  • Swimming Pool
  • Reception
  • Boom Gates
  • Entry and exits to Staff only areas

All of these recordings are saved for up to 1 month on a closed system not acessible to the internet and is protected on encrypted drives only accessible by the management. In case of incidents recordings will be kept for a period of 3 years only accessible by management encrypted drives.

Additional to this you might be recorded by our nightmanager if he/she is engaging in conversation with you or members of your group during their night patrol. This happen during their night patrol and is done via a body camera. You will be notified of the conversation being recorded by our night manager. We do this as to protect our staff and guests. These conversation only get downloaded into our protected offline storage when their is reason to do so eg. Verbal/physical abuse towards staff, reports of staff members having not acted in a correct way.