"Leave nothing but footprints,

take nothing but pictures,

kill nothing but time."

At our Caravan Park, this quote isn't just a catchy phrase - it represents our commitment to deeply respecting nature. We believe in preserving and cherishing the Grampians, understanding that it's not just a backdrop to our park but an essential part of the experiences we offer.

Sustainability is about meeting our current needs without jeopardising the capacity of future generations to meet theirs. It's a delicate balance between environmental preservation, economic stability, and societal welfare.

Below are some initiatives we are embodying in our journey to create this balance:

1. Recycling and Reusing:

Our camp lounge renovation creatively used recycled timber from a cattle truck floor. All our glass waste is recycled, and we reuse milk bottles and caps.

2. Energy Efficiency:

We're introducing solar power, with the installation on our bottom amenities block underway. Our cabin and larger glamping options are equipped with reverse air conditioners. All light fittings have been replaced with energy-saving LED lights.

3. Nature-friendly Practices:

Our roads are made with local gravel, and we've planted native vegetation across our park. We use eco-friendly cleaning products and repurpose local materials for our garden design.

4. Community Support:

Our gift shop offers local produce and constantly engages with local suppliers. We feature artwork from a local artist couple, "Inalux," and actively collaborate with fellow community businesses.

5. Education and Engagement:

We encourage guests to explore and appreciate nature through treasure hunts and wildlife education. Quotes scattered throughout the park prompt guests to respect nature and each other.

6. Waste Reduction:

We promote reusable melamine cups by offering a free coffee voucher for every cup purchased. We give away our coffee grinds to guests and have a swap library for guests to exchange or borrow books, thus reducing paper waste.

7. Local Experiences:

Guests are encouraged to bring bikes and use the local bike/walking path that connects us to Halls Gap main street and the local pub.

Incorporating sustainability into our park is a continuous journey, not a destination. We're always learning, improving, and seeking ways to lessen our footprint on the natural world. After all, we believe the best memories are made when we walk gently upon the earth.

"Change happens one step at a time"