Why We Have A NO DOG Policy At Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park

The first question to ask yourself when travelling to the Grampians is: "What is it what draws you to the Grampians?" We know that many of our guests are outgoing nature lovers, who want to explore during the day and enjoy a campfire at night however bringing dogs to the Grampians restricts you on making the most out of your holiday in the Grampians. Unfortunately the Grampians National Park is a no dogs/pets National Park.


Emus, kangaroos and even deer are often found roaming in the park. the Grampians is their home. It can be very disturbing to see a dog attack wildlife or the other way around. Yes, we have seen an emu chasing a dog and it's scary. Trust me.


Just imagine this scenario; you are sitting with a cup of tea, enjoying the view of the stunning mountains which surround the park. A dog owner decided to leave their dog behind whilst exploring as dogs are not permitted in the national park and then it starts barking. Your dog starts barking too and before you know it all the dogs in the park are barking. It's not exactly what you had visualised when you decided to come to the Grampians to enjoy some peace. It brings unnecessary and uncontrollable tension and disruption.


Dogs are not allowed in National Parks

See attached the factsheet

Caravan Parks often do not allow dogs to be unattended and on top of all that it is a criminal offence to leave a dog in a hot car. I personally don’t see any win-wins.

For every problem, there is a solution!

Obviously we would love you to come and visit us at Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park so we have some solutions for you:


Dog sitter

Try to find a dog sitter at home. That way, your beautiful animal can stay in its own home and you can enjoy a well-deserved break in the Grampians. We sell some nice local wines, so you can always bring a little pressie home for the dog sitter.

Bianca from Inbound Paws & Claws comes highly recommended and will come to your home to look after your pet while you're away!



Book a kennel

If you are on the road and want to continue your journey, why not leave the dog in one of the kennels along the way.



Call Phil & Leanne at Plumtree Boarding Kennel

Plumtree Kennels & Cattery

Phil stipulated the necessity of the C5 vaccination and its paperwork. They have two separate areas with pens. One area has its own outdoor runs, but this is only for the “non barkers”, as this area is located right next to the office. The noisy dogs have their own pen and will be able to have some outdoor fun in the exercise yard twice a day. They charge between $24 and $29/day depending on the service and whether you supply your own food or not!

Tel: 5352 1738                    Address: 1 Annys Lane, Ararat



Check the Madpaws app to find local, reliable pet sitters to look after your fur baby during your stay in the Grampians.



Another solution! Grampians Getaway

If you are looking for accommodation that is dog friendly, why not look at Grampians Getaway? This property has its own private lake and the 6 units are pet friendly! Josephina and Rohan took this property over in December 2019 and have decided to keep the property pet friendly to cater for the growing demand in the area. Unfortunately there are no caravan/camping sites at Grampians Getaway so this solution only works if you are looking for self-catering holidays accommodation.