What started as water storage for local residences and farmers in the early sixties turned into the source of the largest water infrastructure in Australia… The Wimmera Mallee pipeline project. Opened in April 2010 the over 9,000 km long pipeline saves around 103 billion litres of water a year and provide a continuous water supply to approximately 9,000 farms and 34 townships across the Wimmera and Mallee.

Lake Bellfield and Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park

Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park is located right next to the dam wall off Lake Bellfield. The dam wall offers a fabulous “after dinner walk” with its flat surface of approx. 800 meters long and stunning views.

The Lake is in the warmer months often used for recreational activities such as fishing, canoeing and swimming. The perfect fit with the nature based experience we like to offer here at Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park, as jet skies and any other powerboats are not permitted on the lake.

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Fishing on the lake

In 2013 lake Bellfield was stocked with salmon but people seem to catch mostly brown trout, redfin and blackfish. A fishing license can be obtained at the local cultural centre Brambuk or you can get it online. If you are under 18 or over 70 you do not require a fishing license. Also exceptions apply to some specific card holders. Fishing from the dam wall of Lake Bellfield is illegal and although no powerboats are permitted, electric motors are. Personally I have very little knowledge and experience in fishing BUT I have heard that only good fisherman are able to catch at Lake Bellfield, so I challenge you! Pop into the office to share your experience so we can inform others on your success.Our friends were over form Holland and their 12-year-old son is a mad fisherman. So to increase his chances I visited Robyn and Shane at Sportspower in Stawell. They helped me purchase the right lure and get any information I needed to be able to give him the best change of a catch! And YES! A black and gold striped Tasmanian Devil, perseverance, the right spot, skill and maybe a little dose of luck got him his catch. The smile on his face was priceless!

Lake Bellfield in Summer

In summer Lake Bellfield offers a great way of cooling down! We do advise to bring a rubber boat and wear lifejackets. Even in summer the water is freezing cold because of the depth of the Lake! Also it is not advised to RUN into the lake as the lake hosts many dead trees! When we get the change on a hot summers day we like to launch the kayaks at the picnic area opposite the Silverband Falls turn off. It is a great way to have some family fun and cool down at the same time! Hiring kayaks and canoes in Halls Gap is hard, so bring your own if you can!

Some facts and figures about Lake Bellfield

Full Supply Level 276.50m from sea level
Full Supply Volume  78,560 ML
Spillway Level 276.50m from sea level
Spillway Length 62.5m
Spillway Capacity 18,590 ML/d
Maximum Discharge Through Outlet 860 ML/d
Catchment Area 96 km²
Surface Area When Full 4 km²
Major Tributary Fyans Creek
Average Inflow  19,000 ML/year


Courtesy of GWMW

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