One of the highlights of staying at Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park is the abundance of Australian wildlife. You will see cockatoos, parrots, blue wrens, emus, deer and lots of kangaroos.

Watching the kangaroos is engaging. You can stare at them hour after hour and not get bored…

The kangaroos roam freely through the park. When the evening sets in, you will slowly see a migration of kangaroos moving from the valley into the park. It’s a good idea to take a torch on your way to the toilet in the middle of the night!

Anyway, to enable campers and kangaroos to share the same space in harmony, it is vital that we leave the kangaroos alone, after all, they are wild animals. They are big and strong, and their behaviour can be unpredictable. The less interaction they have with people the less chance they become dependent and half tame.

Besides that, kangaroos are designed to eat large amounts of low protein roughage such as native grasses. Human food is a poor substitute and can damage their health as well as making them dependent on visitors for their food.

So please assist us and the National Park authorities to keep the kangaroos wild! If we respect them and their natural behaviours, there is more chance they will respect us and our behaviour! By nature, kangaroos are not aggressive, do not approach and they will not approach you!

Road safety

Please be aware that kangaroos know nothing about road safety! At the most unexpected moment they might decide to cross the road. Please be alert! Take extra care on the road especially after dusk. It could save lives (and expensive car repairs)!


Injured Wildlife

If you do hit a kangaroo or you see any other injured wildlife during your stay, please call 1300 223 427. They may be able to assist the injured animal and they will also provide advice on what to do!

At the front of reception is a donation tin. All donations will go directly to the local wildlife rescue volunteers assisting in medical aid, shelters and fuel expenses. Any spare change is GREATLY appreciated!