What is Glamping?

You keep seeing and hearing the word “glamping,” but really, what is Glamping and what is all the fuss?

The right setting + the right company + stunning environment = fantastic memory in the bag!

And isn’t that what we all live for? And personally, a memory for me is a feeling. I am terrible at remembering where we stayed, but I always remember how I felt when I stayed at a particular place. Glamping pretty much ticks the boxes to create that wonderful feeling you never will or want to forget.

I realise that a lot of Lakesides business model is based on my childhood memories.

How glamping became a big part of Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park

My love for canvas started building cubby houses in our attic, which advanced to sleeping in a tent in our small backyard, with the highlight still being the real deal holiday at the beach in our camper trailer in Renesse, on the South West Coast of the Netherlands. I grew up in The Netherlands, and I have such fond memories of my holidays.

It was so cozy! I remember the morning walks through the sand dunes to the beach with my big brother, we saw hundreds of rabbits. I remember picking bunches of flowers and gifting them to my mum. I remember sleeping underneath my parents’ bedroom, in the tiniest little cubicle hanging under the slide out of our camper trailer. The hot milk my mum used to make with a dry Marie kind of biscuit before bed. I also remember the toilet roll I had to take to the amenities block, utter embarrassment!  And the coins we needed for the showers. The thought of running out of water with a full hair of shampoo, shivering away, a less fond memory!

Yes, I LOVED camping!

In 1999 I met my husband Rohan, he took me to Wilsons Prom, indeed with our little tiny igloo tent! It rained and rained and rained and rained. I never got to see the beach. (shame on me, 20 years later, I still haven’t been back!)

Then our gorgeous kids arrived, and we purchased a Jayco Flamingo with two queen-sized beds sliding out on each end. I enjoyed it, but we couldn’t take holidays in the holiday season due to our work commitments. (the joys of working in hospitality!) So off we went to Healesville during winter, in the off-season. Although the tobogganing was so much fun, the packing up was less desirable. Yes, that feeling of packing up the awning in icy conditions with two little ones. Brrr, no, thanks!

What exactly is a glamping tent?

A luxury version of any tent, with a more permanent set up.

Queen Maxima as part of the Glamping at Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park, Grampians

The word glamping was introduced in the year 2015 and refers to “glamorous camping.” No, don’t think you would be wearing your high heels, because another part of glamping is that in my opinion it should only be done in the very best possible natural setting. You are supposed to enjoy all elements nature has to offer while being able to dig back into your tent, enjoying the comforts of a cabin.

Last but not least, glamping is all set up for you with a well-executed interior. It should have a wow factor!

Our friends from camper mate describe glamping as follows:

‘Glamping’, short for ‘glamorous camping,’ is precisely what the name suggests: camping with a whole heap of creature comforts. Glamping is designed for those of us who love the idea of camping and getting back to nature, but aren’t fond of sleeping on the cold hard ground and leaving a ‘real’ toilet behind.

Glamping is a way to experience the fun of camping, the beauty of nature and the luxury of home comforts without the hassle of having to put up a tent.

If I do anything I want to do it right. If I make coffee, I expect from myself to make it delicious, at least give it my very best effort. This comes down to the bean we use, the machine we have, the milk we use, the grinder, the knowledge…the experience, the skill… Then I add a friendly smile and voila. Now we are talking about the simple (it is actually not as simple as you may think) thing of making coffee…but I apply this to anything in life. I am a quality girl! When I eat a piece of steak, I like to have a delicious one, less frequently if that is what it means. I can not settle for second best…

I always had the dream and vision to have our own glamping at Halls Gap Lakeside. But hubby Rohan said:  “Let’s build our product (an amazing caravan park for families to forget about their day to day and spend some much needed time exploring nature and connecting with their loved ones (inc themselves!)) before we are going to spend money on glamping.” In his eyes, back then, fun and unnecessary. Little did he know that now, glamping is one of our most popular products Halls Gap Lakeside has on offer …and for a good reason!!

WHY is glamping at Halls Gap Lakeside so popular?

Let me explain some of the features!



No explanation needed. Just go back to the days of the cubby house. Cozy! Ohh and toasty too. Our bell tents have electric blankets, small fan heaters, and an ozpig. While the big momma’s (the safari tents) all have the above PLUS reverse aircon. Yes, we can still call it glamping!


Part of a holiday is to get inspired, right? Hence why we have all those quirky little quotes hanging around the park! We like to give you a bit of wow. With gorgeous, cute little touches. All our glamping options have their own little quirk! Have a look at the bell tents and Queen Maxima!


I won’t be telling fibs. There is nothing more comfortable than your own bed! All or glamping options have a Sealy mattress. Australian made by Posturepedic technology is backed by orthopedic surgeons. When you go on a holiday, you aim to regroup and a good night’s sleep is vital to good health. Waking up amongst nature to the sound of a bird, with a deliciously made coffee from reception. Get the picture?

‘Glamping,’ short for ‘glamorous camping,’ is precisely what the name suggests: camping with comforts. Glamping is designed for those who love the idea of camping and getting back to nature but aren’t fond of sleeping on the cold hard ground and leaving a ‘real’ toilet behind.


A mob of kangaroos at Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park

True or False? 9 months after a blackout, there is a baby boom. Let us just say you get to reconnect when screen time is limited! No TV’s, playing cards, stunning setting, canvas roof, campfire, a bottle of red wine…you get what I mean! The bell tents are precisely for that reason a child-free zone!


No packing of pots and pans, and plates and cutlery, no poles, no eskies (yes indeed all glamping options have a fridge, some smaller than others! Oops not the Pod, sorry!), you, your hiking boots, drink bottle, a backpack!!! Maybe bring your towel to be able to use our woodfire heated pool!


Instead of waking up and stepping out of your house into your normal daily routine, you can wake up and step outside of your tent into your own private natural retreat. Fresh air and absolute leisure…what more could you ask for?


We made the deliberate decision not to allow for any screens…Your glamping holiday should be all about board games, treasure hunts, connecting with your loved one, cooking, BBQs, campfire, stunning environment, exploring, earthing. You should be able to forget about yesterday and tomorrow, live in the moment. Soak it up and take the memory home!

Glamping/ camping or hotel?

Are you starting to get the gist of what all the fuss is about? So you know all about camping, but that is the difference between glamping and camping?

When you go glamping, everything is prepared for you, pretty much like going to a 5-star hotel. The only difference is that you will be sleeping under canvas instead of in a concrete box (with horrible recycled air flowing around)

All you need to do is park your car, unload your luggage, and explore the stunning surroundings. Speaking of camping, we forgot to mention that your usual household tents are not the same as our glamping tents, which are made of true Australian made “Razorback Canvas.” Canvas designed and tested for Australian conditions, fire retardant and made to last. Developed and engineered by GlamXperience!, our to go-to for all our glamping needs! We have also noticed that the Razorback canvas retains heat much more sufficiently than the previous 100% cotton tents. Cotton wasn’t made to last and is not resistant to long-term use in the weather conditions we can experience in Victoria. So by staying at Lakeside, you directly support Australian made!

The story behind the scenes. The introduction of glamping at Halls Gap Lakeside, how it all started?


December ’16, a bare under utilised piece of land, at the back of the park gets transformed in one of the most beautifully landscaped settings for a romantic glamping getaway. No children allowed! Each bell tent has its own ozpig, enabling those who stay to enjoy a glass of wine in great company while staying warm and comfortable.


Queen Maxima. Full of ideas, with two left hands. A caravan we purchased for backpackers accommodation turns into the most gorgeous vintage Scandinavian inspired caravan. Yes, my beautiful friend Monique Meijer has a right and a left hand and is super clever. She has and still is playing a big role in my life being able to fulfill my dreams. Thanks Monique, forever grateful. Queen Maxima was named by one of our backpackers Lianne many moons ago, after our Dutch Queen.


The Pod. Initially, a leftover of another park, it was a model, and they didn’t want it.. at reduced prize, we got the hold of it. Originally it was in the spot where now the Pinnacle safari tent has taken prime location… look at us, go and grow! The Pod is the most basic glamping option with electricity and a Queen sized bed, nothing else. Luckily we have such a fantastic camp kitchen and lounge!

Queen Maxima and the pod are a gorgeous combo…

Family of three, no problem!!!


Somebody, you know as an underutilised flight simulator…you want to put in safari tents…your wife wants it quirky. You want to be bold, first and unique…simple! You attach the flight simulator to the safari tent. Keen on a high mile experience? The only flight you can get in the current COVID-19 restrictions.


The Pinnacle… one described as the Australian Safari experiences by an American guest…

Due to its location and outdoor bathroom, one of our more popular products! Amazingly executed by our friends at GlamXperience. Frontrunners of glamping in Europe, established in 2009, having installed over 3000 glamping tents in at least 8 different countries. When I got air of them setting up a business in Australia, I was first to contact them. With a painstakingly wait, they contacted me (emails had gone to cyberspace) first week arriving in Australia (July ’16) they were at Lakeside having a BBQ. Dec 16, our first bell tents and safari tents were installed!


Once a basketball ring, now 4 high-end safari tents for the whole family to enjoy. Weber BBQ TICK, bath on the deck TICK, kangaroos at your front door TICK

All you need is some bubbles. Bubble bath, right?!

So there you have it, glamping at Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park. Sounds pretty great, right? Give it a whirl one day. It’s no-fuss camping with all the creature comforts of a cabin. What’s not to love?