We are delighted that Halls Gap has made Wotif’s 2022 Aussie Town of the Year Awards


We are delighted that Halls Gap has made Wotif’s 2022 Aussie Town of the Year Awards! We love our community-focused, beautiful town, and although we were ranked #8 we know it is only a matter of time until we reach that number one spot.

“2022 is set to be a pivotal year for domestic tourism. While many Aussies have travelled over the last 24 months, few have had the chance to really explore and travel across state borders. It’s incredibly promising to see that 88% of Aussies planning to travel this year, are looking to stay within Australia*, and our hope is that these awards inspire Aussies to try something new and get back to exploring this beautiful country.” - Wotif managing director, Daniel Finch.

We shared the delightful news with our customers across socials, and we asked them, WHY is Halls Gap is in the Top 10 of Aussie Towns this year. Thank you to everyone who got back to us, with their lovely memories and favourite spots - we have compiled them all and created a list of reasons why Halls Gap should be your must-visit destination this year! 



We are surrounded by some of the best wineries in the country. The region is famous for its 150 year old vines, providing great wine for almost a century and a half. There’s no denying Halls Gap is the perfect base to start your tasting journey! 

Some of our favourites include Pomonal Estate, Fallen Giants, and Best’s Great Western wines. Not forgetting the fantastic brewery Rock, Paper, Scissors, right in the centre of Halls Gap on Grampians Road! 

Fancy making a day of it? Book in with Grampians Wine Tours for a day in comfort and style as you tour and taste some of Grampian's finest wines.



Who doesn’t enjoy a beautiful view? Get your boots on and enjoy many beautiful hikes from Halls Gap. The most popular, and one of our favourites is The Pinnacle, with breathtaking scenery and the option of three different trails for different levels. 

Don’t just stop there, we also have Rosea, Boronia Peak, or for those who enjoy more of a relaxed walk, why not stroll along to view some waterfalls, such as MacKenzie Falls or Venus Baths.



If you enjoy a lake you are in the right place, Lake Bellfield is a scenic spot perfect for fishing, boating and picnics. Surrounded by the Grampians mountains, Bellfield was created in the sixties as local water storage and is the main water source for Halls Gap. A great place to swim and relax as the sun sets over the mountains.

There is also Lake Fyans, Lake Lonsdale and Lake Wartook hidden amongst the mountains.



It is impossible to visit Halls Gap and not encounter some local wildlife. Kangaroos and Cockatoos are very popular but don’t be alarmed if you see deer crossing the roads at dusk. The birdlife around the Grampians is second to none and a perfect place to come if you have a twitcher in your family! 



Exploring The Grampians, there’s no doubt why it was such a sacred place for Aboriginals. With much historic Aboriginal Art to view, feasting sites and the fantastic Brambuk Centre, Halls Gap is the place to gain a deeper understanding of the elder's past and present, recognising their connection with this beautiful land. 



With such beautiful surroundings, we understand why there is such an inspired bubbling art scene in Halls Gap. Moco Gallery is just a stone's throw from the town centre, giving everybody the chance to enjoy some of the local and regional talents. They also host workshops! 

Get the kids involved with art through WAMA, Where Art Meets Nature - they regularly host nature play days on their beautiful site on Neals Road, Pomonal.

Travel a little further and enjoy the country's biggest outdoor gallery - The Silo Art Trail.


There is much to do for the whole family here in Halls Gap! All you have to do is head over to Grampians Rangers to get all the information from Rosa & Ronny. 

Have a fun day out at Halls Gap Zoo, Hire E-bikes or go for a game or enjoy a game of Adventure Golf.

Here in the park we always make sure we have fun things for the kids to do, Including Scavenger Hunts, Colouring In, our onsite Playground, and why not a dip in our wood-fired heated pools!

So a big well done to Halls Gap! If you have not visited yet, it’s time to book now, and find out what you are missing!

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