Grampians Peaks Trail

The 144km Grampians Peaks Trail which is being developed here in our back garden recently got some new funding so be sure to put this one on your list! Although the majority of the track is not yet finished you can come over and enjoy the first part of the Trail which starts at Halls Gap and end at Borough huts. From Borough Huts you can easily get back to Halls Gap following the 4×4 track at the back of Lake Bellfield to arrive in Halls Gap and finish a nice little round trip which would take you 2-3 days depending on your personal daily distance preferences.

Some more information about the track can be found here:



Be sure to give us a call if you want any further information about this trail. Pickups and drop offs at certain sections of the track will be able to be organised!

Another section of the Peaks trail which can be explored is part of an existing overnight hike at Mount William. If you want to walk this section you can start at the summit of Mount William and walk over the Major Mitchell Plateau towards the Jimmy creek campground. This is certainly possible to finish in a day and will bring you twice to an elevation over 1100m. If you are planning to do this walk you need to be reasonably fit and check sunset times as you don’t want to get stuck in the bush after dark in winter.