7 reasons why Halls Gap Lakeside is the new favourite holiday destination for South Australians

Is the grass greener on the other side?

People who met me, know my love for quotes. All around the park you will see golden picture frames full off inspiring, quirky, meaningful and funny quotes!

Recently I have had some of you expressing how much they LOVE coming all the way to the Grampians to spend some much needed time of at Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park… My husband Rohan and I (and our wonderful team of course) have been working endlessly to make Halls Gap Lakeside what it is today! You know how honoured I feel, when visitors travel 6/7 hours to spend their holiday with us? So expect to be rewarded with a delicious barista made coffee on arrival, especially for those who look a little weary after their long drive!…

What exactly makes a trip to Halls Gap Lakeside so worthwhile?


Halls Gap is a lovely meeting place between Melbourne and Adelaide. Many use it as a place to catch up with friends or family without any of the two parties having to travel all the way!

Australia, straight road to Mount Abrupt - the south end of Grampians nationalpark

Grampians National Park

Not too many words needed for the next one but the Grampians National Park offers a stunning green and lush nature experience… you know that one that you can just get high on oxygen ?!!!! And you know what…no fees to get in!!



Yes, we are in the blissful position to be able to offer campfires whole year around (except from those nasty total fire ban days!)

Campfire Boys


Since often the Victorian school holidays are outside the South Australian school holidays, you can take full advantage of deals we have got running where the Victorians miss out on…shhhh…don’t tell them!!!


No matter if you are a diehard bushcamper, you enjoy the luxury of your bed made for you, you own a caravan or you prefer to go glamping … we offer it all!

Queen Maxima Inside E1482451497973

Seriously ... a wood fire heated pool?

All year around we stoke our wood fire to allow you to swim in our outdoor heated pool in comfort no matter what season! Yes this does mean that the steam will come of the pool in the middle of winter, can you just imagine….crispy, clear blue skies…and steam coming of the pool!

Steamy Pool


As of 19/09/2019 massages will be unavailable until further notice.

We were able to introduce our massage tent…so after a day of hiking…it is time for a swim, followed by a massage, followed by a bold glass of local Shiraz, followed by a campfire. Are you getting the picture?

Massage Tent

Not convinced? Maybe pop over on what others had to say?

Now we leave it up to you?

Lets not judge if our grass is greener than yours…but what we do know is that the Grampians certainly has something to offer and we believe you and I are the perfect fit! Hope to see you soon!