How to use my Ozpig

To enhance your glamping experience we have installed an Ozpig at each of the bell tents.

Not only will the Ozpig keep you nice and toasty, you will also be able to toast marshmallows and even cook a meal on it!

Getting the Ozpig going:

  • Place loose balls of newspaper into the belly of the unit (you can cheat by putting a fire lighter in the ball of the newspaper) Place kindling over newspaper (a ‘tepee’ shape is ideal)
  • Keep the front door wide open and the top plate swiveled to the side whilst lighting the fire.
  • As the kindling burns, gradually begin to feed more firewood until you have built a good coal base.
  • When the fire is well established, (burning well and getting hot) it is time to swivel the hot plate back to the center position or place your diffuser on top. It may help to leave a gap at the back of the plate to keep the fire strong.
  • Add wood as required to maintain the flame for a smoke free fire.

Please be aware, the Ozpigs get hot!

You can buy a bag of Ozpig wood at reception for $10 a bag.

TIP: bring some of your own fire-lighters and newspaper! Kindling can be collected around the park, just ask staff at reception for the best spot!

TIP: Wok cooking and pizza making work very well on the Ozpig…make sure to bring a wok!  Use baking paper directly on the hotplate to make a delicious pizza and put the wok upside down over the pizza to make an ‘oven’!

Post your delicious meals on Instagram or facebook at hallsgaplakeside!

We would love to see your clever meal ideas!