Enjoy watching kangaroos and cockatoos in their natural habitat.  The park is adjacent to a valley, which is a popular area for the kangaroos to graze. This region is ideal for bird lovers with Australia’s biggest bird, the emu, visiting the park on a regular basis. If you are lucky, you may even see deer and the occasional echidna!


Our sites have an average size of around 8 by 10 metres, so you can enjoy your own space, whilst being amongst other campers and enjoying the social camping atmosphere. Rohan previously managed a golf course for 15 years and has a turf management background, so he works hard to maintain the grass. You will often find him hand-watering in the early mornings!


The best information of the area is that which you get from locals. We will approach you with a smile and try to assist wherever possible.


Perfect for families with young children, our individual bathrooms include a toilet, vanity and shower. So for the time that you spend behind that door, the bathroom is all yours!  These bathrooms are available to all guests at no extra charge.


A sensitive topic that has been discussed many, many times. As the very happy owners of five gorgeous Border Collies, it was natural to allow dogs at Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park when we first bought it in 2012.  At the time, there was no question. We did understand that it might bring some complications when the park was busy, so we decided to trial it over the winter months. Two consecutive winter periods we gave it a go, it was quiet and we thought it would be a great way to increase visitation, but also give dog owners the opportunity to visit our park. Unfortunately, after listening to feedback and the experiences of guests we decided to NOT allow dogs at Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park.


After locating an old donkey engine, which was once used to heat the water in the bottom amenities block, Rohan came up with the idea of a wood fire heated pool! Now heated at a pleasant 28-30 degrees during the summer months and a whopping 33-38 degrees during the winter, the pool is a great attraction all year round.


Camping with a campfire is a truly memorable experience. It is becoming difficult to find places to camp where  campfires are still allowed. Here at Halls Gap Lakeside we deliver the fire drum and wood to your site or cabin for a minimal fee. Campfires can be used throughout the year, except on days of total fire ban. Don’t forget your marshmallows!


In the last few years we have replaced many old cabins with brand-new ones. The cabins have a simple design, with a modern feel, keeping functionality in mind. There is nothing more important than a good night sleep, therefore we have invested in high standard Sealy mattresses. No matter what your budget, specific needs or sleeping configuration, we can assist with selecting the most suitable cabin, to sleep between 1 and 14 guests.


We light an open fire on cooler evenings in our cosy camp lounge. This is the perfect spot to enjoy happy hour! Although we do not host private functions, the camp lounge, with seating for 60, has proven to be a very popular gathering space for family reunions, caravan clubs and many other group gatherings.


Although it is nice to have the ability to go online to keep in touch with family overseas, check some emails or even download a book, we believe you find a better connection by sitting around a campfire. Our solution is the WiFi hub! We have created a lovely outdoor terrace, adjacent to the pool, complete with bar stools and couches. Grab a delicious latte from reception, a beer or a glass of wine and get online. We will share the password upon arrival.